1. General provisions.

1.1. This Agreement regulates the procedure and conditions for the provision of services of the Exchange Service.
1.2. The Exchange Service or Service means an Internet resource called
1.3. Client - an individual making an exchange through
1.4. The Exchange Service and the Client are collectively referred to as the Parties.
1.5. Payment systems mean Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Payeer, PayPal and other similar systems that can be added or removed without making adjustments to this Agreement.
1.6. Cryptocurrency Exchange or Exchange refers to the Binance and WhiteBIT exchanges.
1.7. The Parties recognize this Agreement in electronic form as equivalent in legal force to the Agreement concluded in writing.
1.8. This Agreement is considered concluded on the terms of a public offer accepted by the Client in the course of submitting an order on the website of the Exchange Service for the use of the services provided by the Service. Before using the services of the Exchange Service, the Client is obliged to fully familiarize himself with the terms of this Agreement.

2. Subject of the Agreement.

2.1. The Service provides the Client with services for the purchase, sale or exchange of electronic currencies and/or cryptocurrencies.
2.2. The Client uses the services of the Service and pays for them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties.

3.1. Service must:
3.1.1. Provide the User with the services of exchanging cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies in accordance with the rules and regulations of this Agreement.
3.1.2. Provide the Client with information and technical support during the execution of the transaction, using the available options, namely online chat and internal chat on the page of the created order.
3.1.3. Guarantee the protection of information regarding completed transactions, including the Client's personal data, the time of the money transfer, their amount and the Client's details. This information is available to the Client who made the transactions.
3.1.4. Do not allow the transfer of information about completed transactions to third parties, except for the following situations:
- by a legal decision of the court at the location of the owner of the Exchange Service
- at the legitimate request of the competent authorities at the location of the owner of the Exchange Service
- at the request of the administration of the cryptocurrency exchange or the administration of one of the Payment systems
3.2. The client undertakes:
3.2.1. Provide valid payment details and valid personal information.
3.2.2. Indicate a valid and efficient e-mail box.
3.2.3. Comply with each clause of this Agreement.
3.2.4. By your actions, do not violate the current legislation of the country in which the Client is located, carrying out exchange transactions using the Exchange Service.
3.3. The exchange service has the right to:
3.3.1. Temporarily suspend services for technical upgrades or troubleshooting.
3.3.2. Stop the process of making a money transfer until the circumstances are clarified, in the event of a legitimate request from the competent authorities, administrations of Cryptocurrency exchanges or Payment systems, as well as users with a complaint about fraud, until the circumstances are clarified.
3.3.3. Form and change the amount of discounts for the exchange of electronic money at your discretion.
3.3.4. Determine the amount of commission for making an exchange at your own discretion.
3.3.5. Refuse to provide services to the Client without explanation.
3.3.6. The exchange service has the right to request from the Client confirmation of their belonging to an electronic exchange using: a screenshot or video recording of an electronic wallet, confirmation via Email in case the exchange was not completed due to an error
3.3.7. Stop correspondence or negotiations with a Client who behaves incorrectly, insults, asks questions that are not related to the support service of the Exchange Service or refuses to provide the necessary information.

4. Regulations for the exchange of cryptocurrency and electronic money.

4.1. The service executes the request only upon receipt of payment from the Client.
4.2. The service uses Cryptocurrency exchanges to receive incoming deposits.
4.2.1. The moment of starting the processing of the order is receiving a callback about the receipt of the deposit.
4.2.2. If before the moment the Client sends a deposit, the function of crediting the deposit of the corresponding cryptocurrency was deactivated for any reason, then the crediting will take place after the subsequent activation of this function.
4.3. The service uses Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to send outgoing deposits.
4.3.1. The moment of execution of the order is sending a request for withdrawal of funds to the details specified by the Client in the order.
4.3.2. If the Cryptocurrency Exchange rejected the withdrawal of funds for any reason (network overload, incorrect details, etc.), then the client informs the Service operator about this in order to resend the payment
4.4 Upon receipt of a payment to the Cryptocurrency Exchange, the Service automatically sells funds by converting them into Tether USDT. Thus, fixing the exchange rate of the received currency is achieved.
4.5 When executing an order, the Service purchases the required currency on the Cryptocurrency Exchange by converting it from Tether USDT.
4.6. In the event that the User receives an amount different from that specified during the exchange, the Exchange Service reserves the right to suspend the exchange and request screenshots and videos confirming the transfer of funds to the address of the exchange service.
4.7. If an exchange for a cryptocurrency is carried out in the Exchange Service, then the receipt of a transaction on the client’s account depends on the workload of the cryptocurrency network itself. The passage of a transaction in the cryptocurrency network can take from 5 minutes to several days. The exchange service is not responsible for the speed of confirmation of transactions in the network and cannot influence them.

5. Guarantees and liability of the parties.

5.1 The exchange service guarantees the execution of the order in accordance with this Agreement and the instructions specified during the execution of orders and in the order cards.
5.2 The exchange service is not responsible for possible delays in crediting deposits from Clients to Cryptocurrency exchanges, to accounts in Payment systems or banks, as well as for possible losses of the client that were caused by these delays.
5.3. The exchange service is not responsible for errors made by the client when making an order. If the payment for the order was sent by the Service to the details that the Client called erroneous after the order was completed, then the Service is not able to return the funds or make a refund.
5.4. The exchange service is not responsible for damage from the impossibility of the Client to use the software as a whole or its components.
5.5. The Client guarantees that he is the owner or has the right to dispose of the amounts used in his transactions.

6. AML and KYC verification.

6.1. The Service has the right to perform AML and KYC verification of funds received from the Client.
6.2. The Match Systems service is used to verify transactions.
6.3. If, as a result of the audit, an excess in one of the categories of the assessment of acceptable risks is revealed, then:
6.3.1. Order will be suspended.
6.3.2. The incoming transaction will be subjected to additional verification by the AML officer.
6.3.3. If the high risk of the transaction is confirmed, the Client will be required to verify the identity and justify the source of the funds.
6.4. AML verification is also carried out by Cryptocurrency exchanges:
6.4.1. Before being credited, incoming cryptocurrency deposits undergo AML verification by internal tools of Cryptocurrency exchanges.
6.4.2. The criteria for evaluating the Exchanges may differ from the criteria for the Service.
6.4.3. The exchange may require client verification and provision of information about the source of funds.
6.4.4. The client undertakes to pass verification, provide this information and wait for a decision on crediting the sent deposit.
6.5. The client undertakes to pass verification, provide this information and wait for a decision on crediting the sent deposit.
6.6. After successful completion of the verification, the funds will be returned to the client minus the sending fee.
6.7. Since only the Client is responsible for the purity of the funds sent, the Client undertakes not to make claims against the Service in the event of:
6.7.1. Delays in the completion of the order due to additional verification of the AML transaction.
6.7.2. Suspension of the orfer for the procedure of verifying the identity of the Client.
6.8. The client has no right to refuse to pass verification and request a refund.


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7. Refunds.

7.1. If the Client requested a refund of the cryptocurrency after the payment was received by the Service and converted into Tether USDT, then the Service performs a reverse conversion at the current rate for the amount actually received by the Service.
7.2 If the Client requested a refund of the cryptocurrency after the payment was received by the Service and converted into Tether USDT and after Tether USDT was converted into the returned cryptocurrency, the Service makes reverse conversions at the current cryptocurrency rates.
7.3. If the client demands to receive a refund of the sent funds, the Service does this with a fee of 30 USD and the cost of the commission for sending the payment

8. Changing the terms of the agreement.

8.1. The exchange service can change and supplement this agreement.
8.2 Changes come into force from the moment the Agreement is published on the website of the Exchange Service.

9. Force majeure.

9.1. The Parties are not responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement, if the reason for this was force majeure circumstances. These include war, natural disasters, fire, riot, decision of the authorities, terrorist attack, riots. In addition, they include a failure in the operation of the power grid, lack of access to the global network or to other systems.

10. Conditions for the exchange.

10.1. It is forbidden to use the services of the Exchange Service for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. For an attempt to make an exchange using money of dubious origin, the Client will be responsible in accordance with the laws of the country in whose jurisdiction the transaction was made.
10.2. The exchange service reserves the right to provide information about such payments to the competent authorities, payment systems administrations, Cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as victims of fraudulent actions at their request, if the fact of illegal actions is proven.
10.3. The exchange is performed only upon the fact that the Client withdraws money from his virtual wallet. At the same time, he is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of their receipt.
10.4. Bank transfers upon request must be made only through the means of Online Banking of payment systems.
10.5. The Service is not responsible for the completed exchange operations on behalf of the User in favor of third parties.
10.6. Using the Service, after clicking the "I agree with the User Agreement" button, means that the Client accepts all requirements in accordance with this Agreement.