AML Policy

1. The Service has the right to perform AML and KYC verification of funds received from the Client.
2. The Match Systems service is used to verify transactions.
3. If, as a result of the audit, an excess in one of the categories of the assessment of acceptable risks is revealed, then:
3.1. Order will be suspended.
3.2. The incoming transaction will be subjected to additional verification by the AML officer.
3.3. If the high risk of the transaction is confirmed, the Client will be required to verify the identity and justify the source of the funds.
4. AML verification is also carried out by Cryptocurrency exchanges:
4.1. Before being credited, incoming cryptocurrency deposits undergo AML verification by internal tools of Cryptocurrency exchanges.
4.2. The criteria for evaluating the Exchanges may differ from the criteria for the Service.
4.3. The exchange may require client verification and provision of information about the source of funds.
4.4. The client undertakes to pass verification, provide this information and wait for a decision on crediting the sent deposit.
5. The client undertakes to pass verification, provide this information and wait for a decision on crediting the sent deposit.
6. After successful completion of the verification, the funds will be returned to the client minus the sending fee.
7. Since only the Client is responsible for the purity of the funds sent, the Client undertakes not to make claims against the Service in the event of:
7.1. Delays in the completion of the order due to additional verification of the AML transaction.
7.2. Suspension of the orfer for the procedure of verifying the identity of the Client.
8. The client has no right to refuse to pass verification and request a refund.
9. Using the Service, after clicking the “I agree to the AML Policy” button, means that the Client accepts all the requirements in accordance with this Policy.
10. The use of the following platforms for paying orders and receiving payments is prohibited: CommEx, Garantex, Tornado Cash, Hydra,, Lazarus Group, Genesis Market, ChipMixer,, as well as any Iranian platforms and other platforms of prohibited / sanctioned countries .


Allowed Percentage

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